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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wow this last week has been busy.

Kelsey had her only Wisdom Tooth pulled on Monday - she had a little swelling but not too bad. She was lucky to only have one.

Mekenzie had a band concert Wednesday night. She plays the flute and she does such a great job with it. I love the flute, it has such a beatiful sound. She has played the flute for 3 years now and I am amazed how much progress she has made.

This last weekend we went to St. George. Morgan played for the High School so she went down on a charter bus and Craig and I went down ourselves. We had a great time. We visited Mallorey and watched Morgan's team play. Morgan didn't get to play because she is only a freshman, but it was fun getting to know some of the girls on her team and their parents.

Today is Easter. I love Easter because that means spring is really on it's way. I love spring because...

I love to see the flowers budding

I love to see the trees blossom

I love to see the grass go from brown to green

I love to hear the birds chirping in the morning time

I love to walk outside and smell the air in the spring time

I love to go for walks

I love to walk outside and not get blasted with cold air

I love the colors of spring



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