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Monday, June 23, 2008


I feel like I haven't been able to spend much quality time with my kids lately so I decided to dedicate last Thursday to the kids.

First I went golfing with Austin and I was so excited because I got a "birdie" - the first one in my life. For those of you that don't golf, a birdie means that you shot 1 under par. So, it was a par 3 hole and I scored a 2. YEAH. I also managed to get a couple of pars. Just when I think that I will NEVER improve in the game of golf, I did a little better than normal. The tricky part is to keep improving.

After the golf game, Austin and I went to get some lunch. Then he had to go to work, so I went and picked Morgan and Mekenzie up and went shopping. Morgan wanted an IPOD for her birthday so we went and got that, and Mekenzie wanted a new camera so we found and bought one for her.

What a nice day to just hang out with the kids. I really would like to spend one day a week just doing something that the kids and I can enjoy together. I love it when they are out of school so that we can be together more often.


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