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Monday, August 25, 2008

Mother's Worst Nightmare

About 2 weeks ago, Mallorey and Kelsey were driving when a young teenage kid sideswiped them. Thank goodnes they were OK and the car only had a little bit of damage. It is actually in the body shop being repaired right now.

Last Friday I got a call from Morgan, "Mom, Austin and I have just been in a car accident." Talk about making your heart skip a beat. I said, "Are you both OK"? Yes we are fine and the other people involved are fine too. (I think I should have taught my children to say "WE ARE OK BUT... we have had a small accident - that way I would still have the 10 years it took off my life to hear those words). I asked what happened and she told me that there was a man crossing the road and a truck slammed on his brakes to avoid the man, which made the next car slam on their brakes, which made Austin slam on his brakes - the only problem was he also slammed right into the car in front of him.

Everyone involved in the accident was just fine, but it sure scarred me. It shook the kids up too! It's funny because I had a bad feeling before they left, and the last thing I said to them, was to be careful.

I am so grateful that although 4 of my children have been involved in car accidents in the last 2 weeks, they are all OK. Wow am I blessed.


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