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Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Craig

It was my wonderful husband’s birthday on September 24th. The kids and I had an “Etiquette Dinner” that night to go to so we weren’t able to spend much time with him but I left work a little early and made him a nice dinner which consisted of Barbequed Chicken, Rice, Green Salad, and Yellow Squash picked from our garden. While Craig was eating, the kids and I all sat around and talked with him and then we sang “Happy Birthday” to him and ate Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen (definitely one of his favorites). We then raced off to our Etiquette Dinner. I felt a little sad leaving him alone on his birthday, but he probably enjoyed the peace and quite.

So he thought we were finished celebrating his Birthday but…

Morgan had planned a surprise party for him for Saturday night. She worked so hard on it. She made plans to have Mallorey come up from St. George and she had called Craig’s parents and invited them. She spent hours on a power point presentation to honor him and it turned out so nice. So Saturday night I invited Craig to dinner for his birthday – it was quite funny because he couldn’t understand why I was taking him to dinner when I had already made him a nice dinner on his birthday. We went to Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant and then got home around 6:30, when we walked in, everyone shouted surprise – everyone but Mallorey. She was still hiding. He was so surprised when he saw everyone, but then he was more surprised to see Mal. What a fun night. The only down side of the entire night was that Kelsey didn’t show up. It was very sad that she wouldn’t come and wish her dad a “Happy Birthday”.

Here are some things that describe Craig...
Works very hard
Great provider
Takes good care of things
Helps me more than I could ever tell you
Great cook
Very much a “Family Man”
Great at managing money
I am thankful to Craig for being Austin and Morgan's "Dad" too. They have never really had a "Dad" and I couldn't have chosen anyone better to fill that role.

He is my best friend and I adore him.



Anonymous cw said...

Thanks for being Jodies Best Friend and rescueing her from a very hard life. I hope you had a great day. So sad about Kelsie, but what goes around comes around usually as a hard life lesson. There are many lessons for her to learn. But you are seriously a great husband and father. Jodie is always bragging about you!!!

October 1, 2008 at 10:47 AM  

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